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Submitted by: Gregory Peters

An amazing event happened a few years ago. That event was the creation of the World Wide Web. The world has never been the same since. The world of art and artists has certainly never been the same. Never in the history of art has there been such an impact. Have you ever seen as many creative enterprises as you find on the internet? Art lovers used to go to galleries, and now the galleries come to them.

Perhaps, if youre an artist, your gallery is one of these. If not, why not? As an artist, I feel every fellow artist should have a web site, but this is a personal commitment many artists refuse to make. Perhaps, theyre scared, or perhaps they just dont know what a powerful tool this can be. The reason I feel so strongly about this is that there is no better, cheaper, harder working entity that will help represent you and provide the creative recognition you seek. A personal web site works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for pennies.

While the internet will never replace the business of producing and selling art through conventional channels such as gallery showings, etc., think of it as a means to enhance your artistic enterprise. You must still spend time with conventional means of promotion, but with a web art site, not only will you be able to provide gallery space for your art, you will own the gallery itself. And this gallery never closes!

Your web site is actually a gallery storefront and you are the proprietor waiting to greet your customers with a smile. You probably wont sell directly from your web site (although many artists do), but indirectly as a result of your web site. You see, a web site art gallery is not just a place to show your art, its a promotional tool as well.

Your art gallery is located on the Internet. You wont be alone out there on this new frontier. Youll have plenty of company. In fact, youll have too much company at times. Its a bit like the stacks of neon lights in Tokyos Ginza district. There are so many web sites they overwhelm the senses vying for your attention. Which one do you look at first? Which is most important? Where will you go? Fortunately the internet provides some measure of order through the use of search engines and indexes such as Google or Yahoo. The trick is to make your gallery noticeable through all the electronic clutter. Its a jungle out there.

When customers browse the Internet, what they are seeking is information; a solution to a need, a desire unfulfilled. Your goal is to put yourself in the path of these seekers and offer up your wares.

There are many tools you can use to help you do this such as business cards and brochures or postcards that are very basic and have been around forever. Theyre all designed to get your attention. A business card may travel with a letter or brochure to introduce you to someone a distance away such as an art rep or business contact. A brochure may or may not be handed out directly and more often than not is used as a traveling salesman to introduce your work. These tools are often as important as your web site and will help support your web enterprise at all times.

Virtually every one of these tools leads either directly or indirectly to your target market of potential customers who are in turn directed to your web site.

As your art career expands, you will interact directly with people, and sometimes you will interact indirectly through people, their surrogates or virtual groups of people. Seldom, unless your art is actually present such as at an art gallery or show, will you sell or even talk directly to your customers in a personal manner. A web site though, allows you an opportunity to direct attention to your art and have the web site act as your salesperson in a very personal manner. Not only can you post pictures of your stuff, you can offer up slices of your personality in a very direct manner to every viewer. You cant possibly talk to as many people as your web site can do for you. When you do talk about your art though, you can direct people to go visit your web art gallery and the conversation will continue, long after youve left the premises.

The need to get noticed as an artist has never diminished and a web art gallery will help accomplish this wonderfully. A web site provides a place for your public to engage with you and your art.

My eBook How to sell Your Art on the Web talks briefly about the mechanical process of setting up a web art gallery, but more importantly discusses the ways in which artists can promote this entity and thus promote their art.

Dont let anyone tell you that you cant or shouldnt do this yourself. I have found that the act of creating a web site and promoting it is often as creative as the process of producing art. And it is invigorating when you get responses back from people half a world away.

Whether you choose to go it alone, or join a group art site, put the power of the web to use and get it working for you. This is a powerful tool to promote and enhance your artistic career.

About the Author: Gregory Peters is an artist, and author who provides promotional help and resource information for fine artists. His ebook How to sell Your Art on the Web is available on his site:

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Submitted by: Brent McNutt

Choosing the best health plan for you may be quite confusing. These days, there are different types of health care financing that have developed. This article will help you understand each type so that you can choose what deal is best for you and your family. You would not want to pay cheaper prices for plans, but spend more extra money in the end because the coverage is small or worse, pay more money and end up shelling out extra money as well. There are three types of group plans that are popular today.

First is the health maintenance organization. It is a group health care organization which highly emphasizes in the promotion of health and prevention of illness or disease. You only pay a fee which is set without taking into account how much or what kind of services is being provided. Health maintenance organizations have their own set of physicians, nurses and facilities which you can use. If you prefer to use the services of doctors and facilities that are not affiliated with this organization, it will not shoulder your expenses. However, if you decide that you approve of their doctors and facilities, you can choose an HMO. This type will allow you to have reduced costs for health care.

The second type is preferred provider organizations. In this type, a group of physicians and hospitals can offer you and your insurance company discounted prices for health care services. If you choose to submit yourself for treatment into another hospital, this type will let you pay more because the organization will not shoulder anything that is not done in one of their affiliating agencies. The advantage of choosing this type is the freedom to choose among the list of preferred providers that they can give you. However, compared to an HMO, this type of plan is more expensive.

The third type is the independent practice associations. If you choose this type of plan, you will have to pay the IPA with a fixed amount of fee that will cover a period of time and the IPA will be the one to pay the health care provider which you chose. If your health care provider bills more than the fixed amount you pay the IPA, the IPA is the one who will shoulder the additional costs.

Since most of the plans have their own list of physicians, nurses and facilities, it is important that you also take these into consideration. You have to choose a type which will let you avail of the health care services of people you personally trust. Before signing yourself in, check if the affiliated agencies and workers are with licenses and are properly trained. You and your familys health are very important so do not make rushed decisions regarding this one. If you are going to shell out money, make sure that you indeed get what you and your family needs. You do not want to end up signing for a plan that will be more of a disadvantage rather than a benefit in the end.

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Provocative Adult Style Girls Clothing Is it Psychologically Healthy


Susie Cremwald

There you are, walking through your local mall and you come across a group of girls and a couple of them are dressed almost like strippers. Whats even more shocking than that they are dressed that way in their early teens, is that their parents allow it. You then look down at your nine year old daughter and wonder for a moment what types of fashions she will find attractive a handful of years from now when she is a young teen.

Media Bombardment

YouTube Preview Image

Young kids of both sexes are bombarded by the media with new concepts in clothing design every day. Clothing designers and manufactures have a bottom line to look after and the fact is, that its old news by now that sex sells. Also clothing designers and retailers are taking a lesson for tobacco and liquor marketers and reaching out to a younger generation to increase sales profits.

A Classic Debate

So chances are your teen will at some point come to you with a request to wear some type of clothing that you find objectionable. Its a debate that has taken place in households for generations and your home is no different. There are however, some things that you can be aware of that will give you an edge when advising your young teen on what is and what is not appropriate to wear.

Beat Them at Their Own Game

First, understand that if you child is the product of a broken home she always has the other parent to turn to to veto any decisions that the first parent has made. This can make it difficult if you are not on reasonable terms with her other parent. One trick that has worked for parents in the past is to beat them at their own game. Inform your teen that you are going to wear anything that that they wear and even worse. Go to a second hand store and put together a bag-lady outfit and ask your daughter how she would like to be seen with you when you are wearing it, because you are ready and willing to do so.

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Girls Swimwear

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