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1. It's our duty to protect our environment. 保护环境是我们的职责。
2. It is very important to take care of our environment 保护我们的环境是非常重要的
3. We should not throw litter onto the ground 我们不应该随地丢垃圾。
4. We should not spit in a public place/ cut down the trees 我们不应该随地吐痰/砍树。
5. We should plant more flowers and trees. 我们应该种植更多的花和树。
6. We must pick up some rubbish and throw it into a dustbin 我们应该捡起地上的垃圾把它丢到垃圾桶里。
7. If everyone makes contribution to protecting the environment, the world will become much more beautiful.如果每一个人都为保护做贡献,那么我们的世界就会变得更漂亮。
1. Last Sunday (Saturday), it was sunny (rainy, windy, foggy) 上个星期天(星期六),天气晴朗(下雨,刮风,多雾)。
2. I got up very early (late). After breakfast I went to …with my friends by bike, bus 我起的非常早(晚),早餐过后我就和我的朋友骑自行车去……
3. We enjoyed ourselves.
4. We forgot the time. We didn't come back until 5 o'clock. 我们忘记了时间,所以直到5点钟我们才回来.
5. We all felt very tired, but we were happy.
6. I thought I would never forget this trip.
7. Last summer, my parents and I went to
Beijing for our holidays. 上个暑假,我和我的父母去北京度假.
8. We visited a lot of places of interest.
9. We had a good time there.
10. We bought a lot of things. The clothes here are good and cheap.


1. Last Sunday, Class One had a football match with Class Two. 上个星期天,一班和二班举行了一场足球赛.
2. All of us went to watch it.
3. The match was very exciting.
4. In fact, I have never seen such an exciting match before.
5. The score was 5-3. Our team scored three goals in the last fifteen minutes.
6. Class One won this match. Class Two lost.
7. Class One played well. They deserved to win.
8. Their PE teacher was very pleased with their performance.
1. It is very important to keep healthy. 保持健康非常重要。
2. How can we keep healthy? 我们如何保持健康呢?
3. We can't go to sleep too late. We can't get up too late. 我们不能睡的太晚,也不能起的太晚。
4. We should eat the food healthily. 我们应该健康饮食。
5. We should do more exercise. 我们应该多做运动。
6. Last Tuesday I got a cold and had a pain in my head. 上个星期二我感冒了,并且我的头很痛。
7. I didn't feel like eating anything. 我不想吃任何东西。
8. I decided to see the doctor.我决定去看医生。
9. In the doctor's office, the doctor looks over me carefully. 在医院,医生帮我认真的检查。
10. He said: "Nothing serious." And he told me to take a rest and drink more water.他说:不严重。并告诉我多休息多喝水。
11. A nurse gave me an injection. It was a little painful. 护士给我打了针,有一点疼。
12. The doctor asked me to take the medicine three times a day. 医生告诉我一天服三次药。
13. A few days later, I felt better. From then on I believe that keeping healthy is the most important thing in the world. 几天过后,我感觉好多了。从现在开始我才相信保持健康是世界上最重要的事情。


1. My favorite subject is English.我最喜欢的学科是英语。
2. More than three quarters of the information on the Internet is in English. 网络上超过四分之三的信息是用英语来表达。
3. It is used by travelers and business people all over the world. 英语被全世界的旅游者和商人使用。
China has joined the WTO and the Olympic Games has h0ld in China . English becomes more and more useful. 中国加入了WTO并且成功的举办了奥运会,英语变得越来越实用。
5. So English is very important and I like English very much. 所以说英语非常的重要,并且我非常的喜欢。
6. We have a lot of fun in the English class. 在英语课上我们有很多乐趣。
7. Our English teacher often makes us happy in the English class. 在英语课上,我们的英语老师经常使我们感到非常愉快。
8. I hope I can go abroad one day, and then I can speak to foreigners in English. 我希望有一天我能够到国外去,并能用英语与外国人交流。
9. I like English and try my best to learn it.我很喜欢英语,并且我将尽我最大的努力把它学好。
1. In China the most important holiday is the Spring Festival. 中国最大的节日是春节。
2. It comes in January or February. 春节大约是在一月份或者二月份。
3. On the Spring Festival Eve people have a big dinner. They have a lot of nice food to eat. 在除夕晚上人们聚在一起吃晚餐,他们吃很多美味的食物。
4. During the Spring Festival people have a lot of interesting things to do. 在春节期间人们有很多趣事要做。
5. People visit their relatives and friends. 人们去拜访他们的亲戚和朋友。
6. They greet each other with a hug and say, "Happy New Year". 他们互相拥抱以示问候,并说:春节愉快。
7. As China is a big country, people in different places celebrate this holiday in different ways.中国作为一个大国,不同的地方庆祝春节的方式不同。


1. His name is Jack. 他的名字叫杰克。
2. He was born in London in 1982. 1982年出生在伦敦。
3. He is 1.68 meters tall and weighs 52 kilos. 他身高
4. He is 20 years old. 他有20岁。
5. He comes from England .他来自于英国。
6. He is a good ping-pong player. 他是一个优秀的乒乓运动员。
7. He is medium build.他中等身材。
8. He has short hair.他留着短发。
9. He is outgoing. Every one likes to talk with him. He gets on well with us. 他很外向,每一个人都喜欢与他交谈,他和我们处的非常好。
10. He teaches English very well. 他教英语教得很好。
11. He works very hard. He works in No.5 Middle School. 他在第五中学很努力的工作。


12. He loves watching football games after work. 下班后他喜欢看足球比赛。
13. He often helps me with my English. 他经常帮助我学习英。
14. At the age of six, he began to play table tennis. 六岁的时候他开始打乒乓球。
1. Jim got up very early. 吉姆起得非常早。
2. Jim cleaned the room and did the housework. 吉姆打扫了房间并做了家庭作业。
3. Jim went to shop and did some shopping. 吉姆去了商店并买了一些东西。
4. Jim did some cooking. 吉姆做饭。
5. Jim fed the cat.吉姆喂猫。
6. Jim sweeps the floor. 吉姆睡在地板上。
7. He washes the dishes. 他洗碗。
8. He has lunch at school. 他在学校吃午餐。
9. It is a busy day. He is very tired. But he feels happy.这是繁忙的一天,他非常的累,但是感觉很开心。









  1 Now comes your turn.现在轮到你了!


  2 Then came the hour which we had expected. 我们盼望的那一小时在那时到来了!


  3 Out rushed the students when the bell rang.当铃响了,同学们奔了出去。


  4 Higher and higher it flew!它飞的越来越高!


  5 On the back wall hung a picture of my family.在后面墙上挂着我家庭的照片。


  6 Beside me sat two students.在我傍边,坐着两个学生。


  7 They came to a classroom, in the front of which sat a student.他们来到了一个学生坐在前面的教室里。


  8 Lying on the grass are a group of children.一群孩子躺在草地上。




  9 Not until then did he know his mother had done it.直到那时他才知道他妈妈做完了。


  10Little does he care for food.他对食物考虑得很少。


  11Hardly did I realize the danger.我几乎没有意识到危险!


  12By no means should we speak like that!我决不能像那样说话!


  13Not only could he type but also he could operate the computer.他不但能能打字而且能操作计算机。


  14Hardly had he got on the bus when he heard a shout.他一上车就听到了一声叫嚷声


  15Only in this way can I finish the work in time.只有这样我才能及时完成工作。


  16So fat is he that his classmates often make fun of him.他那么胖以致同学经常取笑他。


  17So clearly did she explain the text that we could understand it.她解释得那么清晰以致我能理解。


  二、由It引导的强调句(It is+强调部分+that+……)


  18It is from the sun that we get light and heat.我们得到的光和热就是从太阳来的。


  19It was last night that he left for Paris.就是昨天晚上他去了巴黎。


  20It was in the street that I met the two thieves.就是在街上我碰到了两个贼。




  21 Everything taken into consideration, his plan seems to be more efficient.通过每一个方面的考虑,他的计划似乎更有效一些。


  22 There being nothing to do, we played games.由于我们无事可做,我们只能玩游戏了。


  23 The street is beautiful , with trees and flowers growing well along it.沿街有郁郁葱葱的树与花衬托出街道的美丽。




  24The students abandoned himself to playing computer games.这个学生沉迷于打电脑游戏。


  25For all you say, I still like the film star.尽管你这样说,我还是喜欢这个电影明星。


  26It appears that it is going to rain.似乎要下雨了。


  27As far as I know, he is honest.据我所知,他很诚实。


  28As the saying goes, “Every bean has its black”.正如谚语所说的那样,凡人各有其短处


  29I bet that I will win the match.我敢肯定我能赢得比赛。


  30“Rome is not built in a day”罗马非一日建成。


  31We have no choice but to do a lot of homework every day.我们每天不得不要做许多家作。


  32I’ve got the key in case we want to go inside.我们如果想进去,我有钥匙。


  33Take an umbrella in case it rains.带把伞以防下雨。


  34He turned a deaf ear to me.他对我充耳不闻。


  35I will spare no effort to study hard at English.我不遗余力地努力学习英语。


  36Every time I met with difficulties, he always gave me a great help.每当为我遇到困难,他总是给我很大的帮助。


  37It is evident that it is going to rain.很显然要下雨了。


  38As far as I am concerned, I’m not good at swimming.就我而言,我不是很擅长游泳。


  39It flashed on me that I left my umbrella on the bus.我突然想到我把雨伞拉公交车上了。


  40 Little did I think that it took us three hours to get there.我根本没想到要花费我们三个小时到那边。


  41The minute(moment) I got on the bus, I remembered I had no money on me.我一上车就记起我没带钱。


  42If necessary, we must offer help to you.如果有必要,我们可以向你提供帮助。


  43As a matter of fact, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”.事实上,对甲有利的未必对乙有利(兴趣爱好因人而异)


  44It’s never too late to mend.亡羊补牢,未为晚也。


  45No sooner had the thief entered the room than the police appeared.贼一进入房间,警察就出现了。


  46To say nothing of wasting water, our pollution is more and more serious.且不说浪费水,我们的污染也越来越严重了。


  47I’m much obliged to my class teacher for helping me with my English.我很感谢我的班主任帮助我复习英语。


  48It occurred to me that I left my umbrella on the bus.我突然想到我把伞落在公交车上了。


  49It is of great importance/great value to offer others a helping hand.向别人伸出援助之手是很重要/很有价值的。


  50“Opportunity knocks at the door but once”. 机不可失时不再来。


  51With a definite purpose, I’ll prove myself (to be) a top student.带着明确的目标,我将证明自己是一个好学生。


  52Or rather, we can read between the lines in the book.更确切地说,这本书中我们能读出字里行间的意思。


  53As a result of the accident, a great many people lost their families.由于这个事故,很多人失去了家人。


  54It is believed that the Internet has a great impact on our life .有人相信网络对我们的生活有巨大影响。


  55It means that they won’t be able to finish the job ahead of time.这就意味着他们不能提前完成工作了。


  56Almost without exception, computer games occupy most of our leisure hours.几乎毫无里外,游戏占据了我们大部分的空余时间。


  57I couldn’t help but cry when I heard the bad news.=I couldn’t help crying when hearing the bad news.当听到这个坏消息时,我忍不住哭了起来。


  58The survey paints a picture of children who spend more time in front of a television than on any other activity.这个调查给我们展示了一幅孩子们比其他活动化更多时间在电视前面的情景。


  59Children spend most of their time either alone or with friends rather than with family.孩子们把绝大多数时间放在独处或与朋友们相处而不是与自己的家人相处上面了。


  60What if it rains when we don’t carry umbrella with us?如果我们没有带雨伞怎么办?  


英语作文常用句子 图画作文.




It was 7:15 on the morning of February 8, 2000.


I was walking along Park Road towards the east


when an elderly man came out of the park on the other side of the street.


2 62下午,我正乘火车从上海到沈阳回家的途中。


On the afternoon of July 2nd, I was traveling from Shanghai back to Shenyang by train.


3 一大早,我们就出发了。


Early in the morning, we set out.


4 明天上午800我们在学校门口集中。


We will meet at the school gate at 8:00 tomorrow morning.


5 前几天,我和同学骑车进城。


The other day my classmates and I went to town together by bike.


6 过去,我的家乡是个美丽的地方。


In the past / Some years ago, my hometown used to be a beautiful place.


7 上学期,我参加了地理小组的研究性学习。我们研究的课题是:环境污染与环境保护。


Last term I took part in a geography research study group.


Our topic was environmental pollution and protection.


8 今天下午,在我去看电影的路上,我看见一个箱子从一辆自行车上掉下来。


This afternoon, on my way to the cinema, I saw a case fall off a man’s bike.


9 两星期前,我正在街上行走,当时我看见了你们的诱人的广告,于是我停下脚步走进了你们的商店。


Two weeks ago, I was walking along the street


when I saw your attractive advertisement and I stopped into your shop.


10. 昨天晚上大约九点钟,我正在忙于准备明天的测验,这是忽然吵闹声传进我的房间。


About 9 o’clock yesterday evening, I was busy preparing for my tomorrow’s test


when suddenly loud noises came into my room.


11. 昨天下午我去越秀公园,碰巧我看见一件动人的事。


Yesterday afternoon I went to . It happened that I saw a touching event.


12. 当我听到北京申办2008年奥运会竞标成功时我非常激动。


I was very excited when I heard that Beijing won the bid for the 2008 Olympic Games.


13. 吵闹声如此大事我无法继续学习。


The noise was so loud that I couldn’t go on studying.


14. 我将在农村度过这个暑假。在农村,我可以享受舒适和宁静的生活。


I will spend this summer holiday in the countryside.


I can enjoy a comfortable and quiet life there.




I think it is time for us to realize the importance of


protecting the environment and to do something about it.


16. 我希望政府应该尽快采取措施解决这个问题。


I hope the government should take measures


to solve this problem as soon as possible.


17. 我认为学校应该鼓励学生课余多参加体育活动。这样,学生可以更健康,更有活力。


I think the school should encourage the students


to do more exercise after class. This way, they may be healthier and more energetic.


18. 现在越来越多的家庭拥有自己的小汽车。对于有私家车的家庭来说上班或带小孩上学都十分方便。


Now more and more families have their own cars.


It’s very convenient for the people who have their own cars


to go to work or to take their children to school.




As is shown on Chart 2, only 10% of the time is taken up with sports activities.


2. 1说明学校学生花在不同的课外活动每天的平均时间。


Chart 1 shows the daily average amount of time


the students of the school spend on different after-class activities.


3. 60%的学生认为不应收门票。40%的学生认为应收门票。


60% of the students are against the idea of entrance fees.


40%think that fees should be charged.


4. 近年来,越来越多的人有手机。More and more people have mobile phones in recent years.


5. 1997年,每百人中有十个人有手机。In 1997, 10 persons in a hundred had.


6. 有手机的人数是1995年的十倍之多。The number of the people who had mobile phones was ten times as much as in 1995.


7. 有手机的人数的增加有几个原因。There are several reasons for the increase of the number of people having mobile phones


8. 根据图表所示,只有49% 的大学生毕业时开始工作。According to the chart, only 49% of the college students begin to work when they graduate.


9. 正如大家所知,在过去几年,随着经济的发展大学生的数量增长很快。As is known to all, the number of college students has been growing fast with the economic development in the past years.


10. 三班的同学举行了一次关于学习英语要不要从儿童时期开始的讨论。The students of Class 3 had a discussion about whether it is necessary to start learning English from childhood.


11. 正如你所知道的,每个硬币都有两面。55% 的同学认为他们应该每天都要进行各种各样的锻炼。As you know, every coin has two sides. 55% of the students think they should take all kinds of exercise every day.


12. 另一方面,45% (的同学)认为锻炼浪费时间而且使人疲累。


On the other hand, 45% believe taking exercise is a waste of time and tiring.


13. 规划的目的是使我们的学校越来越美丽。


The purposes of the program are to make our school more beautiful.


14. 根据这个规划,我们将在学校里面和周围种植花草树木。


According to the program, we will plant different kinds of trees, flowers and grass in and around our school.


15. 乘飞机旅行能节省很多时间。但是坐火车旅行也有它的优点。Air travel can save much time. But train travel also has its advantages.


16. 所以我认为不同的人喜欢不同的旅行方式。So I think different people like different ways of traveling.


17. 随着计算机技术的发展,互联网越来越受欢迎。With the development of computer technology, the Internet has become more and more popular.


18. 依我的看法,追求时尚可以理解。但是作为中学生,我们应该以学习为重。In my opinion, following the fashion is understandable. But as middle school students, we should put all our heart into our studies.



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